Musicians’ Health

Did you know that 84% of professional classical musicians have experienced pain severe enough to interfere with their performance? Repetitive stress injuries can develop in musicians who spend years playing or singing in ergonomically poor positions. These overuse injuries may lead to chronic pain, disability and end of careers. Dr. Olga Alvarez is committed to helping you with:

Having noticed increased shoulder and wrist tension during violin lessons and orchestral rehearsals, Dr. Alvarez looks for a natural way to play without pain. She found great relief with Chiropractic care, which helps to restore joint mobility and nervous system function. As a musicians’ physician, she understands the demands placed on anyone who performs instrumental or vocal music. It can put them at risk for muscle injury (tendonitis), psychological challenges (stage fright) or nerve compression (carpal tunnel). Dr. Alvarez is dedicated to helping musicians feel great and do what they enjoy by providing: a posture and ergonomic evaluation, nutritional counseling, orthotic fitting, muscle/tendon mobilization with Graston instruments, rehabilitative exercises and chiropractic adjustments to optimize health, inspire creativity and maximize performance. Her workshops help instructors, students of all ages and parents learn about reducing performance anxiety and preventing over-use injuries.

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Musician Self- Care

“The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music.
It is needful to have the instrument in good order”


– Henry Ward Beecher