I had a terrific home birth and initially I felt great. But I didn’t realize that carrying around such a small baby in a sling would be quite so hard on my lower back… She has also helped my little family by fixing a strained Daddy’s back and easing an uncomfortable baby. We all sleep better thanks to her care!

– Susannah + Rose C.

I started seeing Dr. Brayton at 35 weeks because I could barely walk from hip and lower back pain. I had read about her specializing in pregnant women and children on this blog (Hoboken Moms’ Group) and wanted to see her sooner but never made the time. She provided immediate relief
at my first visit and I felt very
safe in her care.
She provided immediate relief at my first visit and I felt very safe in her care.

By the second visit, I had no pain. I have been seeing her 2-3 times a week for the last 4 weeks and I feel healthy and strong. She has been aligning my pelvis as well so the baby will have an easier delivery. She has recently starting treating my hands which have gone numb from the pregnancy and I’m seeing relief after two visits. In my opinion, her work is truly amazing and I was not a big fan of chiropractic work before now.

I think the last few weeks would have been torture if I had not been seeing her. Instead, I have been able to enjoy my 2 year-old and all the holiday celebrations over the last few weeks. She also specializes in breech babies and on infants with breastfeeding issues. I wish I had known about her when I struggled with my daughter’s breastfeeding issues. I am so grateful to Dr. Brayton for taking such good care of me. Hoboken is lucky to have her.

– Maureen S.

For the past two years, my face has been very flushed. A dermatologist told me I had rosacea. But after one chiropractic adjustment, the flushing is gone from my face. I wish I had come before I spent the money on rosacea creams!

– Christine H., Attorney

I have been practicing yoga for almost ten years but recently my flexibility and productivity in seated postures had atrophied and was reversing. After four months of chiropractic visits with Dr. Brayton, we have discovered that my flexibility is improving in yoga to levels that I have not seen in years, if ever.

I have noticed particular improvement if I have an adjustment right before yoga class. I have also seen enormous improvement in posture, comfort, and strength I have also seen enormous improvement in posture, comfort, and strength throughout my back and neck on an ongoing basis. Dr. Brayton has done a great job of explaining the issues my back and neck are experiencing so that I can augment the adjustments and help sustain them on my own. Dr. Brayton also quickly resolved a knee problem that I was experiencing while lifting weights. In a matter of a few weeks, my knees which had been making a clicking noise when I walked were repaired to normal. Thank you Dr. Brayton!

– Keith S. , Grant Writer

Being a patient at Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness has given me a new zest on life. The gentle yet effective spinal adjustments Dr. Brayton is ‘known for’ has truly helped my spinal alignments tremendously. If your seeking to correct specific misalignments in the body … or want to simply maintain your general well-being, I highly recommend Dr. Brayton at Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness.

– Danielle B. , Pilates Studio Owner

I have been coming to Dr. Brayton for a month at three times a week. I met Dr. Brayton at a Hoboken Festival. I have been having problems with my neck and back pain for quite awhile. I am a breast cancer survivor for almost four years and I have lymphedema in my left arm. I am 62 years old and was skeptical of chiropractors most of my life.

Since I have been coming to the Wellness center, I have been feeling better and better everyday. I have been feeling better and better everyday. I can finally turn my neck without any pain and I can sit on the couch without having pillows surrounding my lower back. My left arm is even feeling better when I lift it, I wish I met her before this. I thank God I was at the right place at the right time. I have told all my friends about her. Well, I am a much happier person since I met her. There is hope.

– Ida P. , Retired Grandmother

My treatments with Dr. Brayton have been wonderful. Daily chronic back and neck pain that I have lived with for years (due to ten years of 8-9 hour days at a computer) is finally getting alleviated. Also, my TMJ pain has lessened through treatments. She works my jaw and skull to lessen the tension. Also, foot cramping. I’ve lived with spasms that hurt so bad in my toes. The cramping has lessened and she’s treating me with orthotics which will allow me to exercise and dance again!

– Jackie D. , Accounting

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Brayton on and off for about four years. In that
Her skill and professionalism have allowed
me to maintain
a healthy quality
of life.
time, I have seen many chiropractors and never experienced the same level of care and service that Dr. Brayton provides. Her skill and professionalism have allowed me to maintain a healthy quality of life. Not having to live with chronic pain and discomfort is a blessing and I do owe it to Dr. Brayton. I would and have recommended friends and family to come to Hoboken Chiropractic & Wellness to address whatever their needs are. This is definitely a place to receive the best treatment in the Metro NY area.

– Sean C. , Associate Brand Manager for Time, Inc.

When I first started seeing Dr. Brayton, I had lower back pain as well as upper back. I got sick all the time and I had horrible menstrual cramps. They were so bad I would curl up in a ball with a heating pad and take a nap. Sometimes, I would not even be able to fall asleep.

Once I started treatment, I slowly saw results in everything. My shoulders were not tight anymore and my immune system was really improving because of treatment and the vitamins I started to take. Most importantly, I did not have any cramps whatsoever when my period came. I also now wear orthotics in my sneakers and shoes and my adjustments hold longer and stronger. I am almost a hundred percent because of all Dr. Brayton has advised to me. Dr. Brayton is a wonderful chiropractor that is very hospitable and cares about her patients very much. Thank you Dr. Brayton.

– Nancymarie M. , College Student

I was a total skeptic when it came to chiropractic care. I met Dr. Brayton by chance at my Pilates studio where she was giving complimentary spinal screenings. I thought it might be a good idea to get my back checked out. I was at the end of my rope. I had been suffering from dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. I was a plain old mess. At 29? This couldn’t be. I had lost 20 lbs., was eating a lot better and working out regularly. My diet and weight couldn’t be factors.

I had seen numerous doctors and none were able to get to the root of the problem. I didn’t want to take any medications until I knew for sure what was going on with my body. Needless to say I was quite frustrated. I didn’t want to live this way and I knew something wasn’t right. There must be a reason why I was feeling so lousy. Well, the reason why I was feeling so bad was because my body was out of alignment. That’s all it was. Not my thyroid or vertigo or anything else. I would have never thought that my symptoms were related to my spine.

Now it makes total sense. It’s been a year since I began working with Dr. Brayton and I’m proud to say that my dizziness, nausea, and fatigue are gone and I feel 1000% better! I feel
Meeting and working with Dr. Brayton has not only been a tremendous help but life-changing. I’ve become more in touch with my body. In doing so I noticed that the right side of my body was in pain a lot especially in my shoulders and upper back and that I had just grown accustomed to the pain over the years without even realizing it…wow.

Because I’m aware of this now I know that it’s triggered by stress. In addition to adjusting my back, I also have my wrists, knees, ankles, and TMJ worked on. Dr. Brayton is my one-stop shop for sure. I began this journey feeling concerned about being adjusted and now I look forward to it! I’m a BIG fan of Dr. Brayton and can’t thank her enough for all she has done.

– Cristina H.

My experience with Dr. Brayton has been extremely positive. I began seeing her to alleviate knots in my back and neck, headaches, and my concern about my posture. Under her care, these ailments have subsided, and I gained a better sense of how I should feel and how to ensure this.

Dr. Brayton has made me feel comfortable by listening carefully and She takes the time to make sure you understand and encourages questions. completely to me each visit. She takes the time to make sure you understand and encourages questions. Consequently, I have never felt rushed in the office-nor have I felt any pain was out of my hands. It has been empowering learning how stress can affect my body and more importantly, how I can help myself. By implementing exercises and a better awareness of my body, I have virtually eliminated everyday aches that I had often brushed off as normal.

It is clear that Dr. Brayton is sincerely concerned with her patients’ overall health. Her attention to the connections between everything from diet to stress to posture and its effect on wellbeing is refreshing. It is the comfortable environment and Dr. Brayton’s genuine interest in helping that have led to my better lifestyle.

– Nora, Middle School Teacher

Dr. Brayton is the most caring and thoughtful chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. Her healing touch is powerful and nurturing. What I appreciate most is how she takes the extra time to really find out what my body needs. I always walk out feeling connected to my body and energized. Thanks Dr. Brayton!

– Doug L. , Professional Audio/Visual Technician

I went to Dr. Brayton and told her about a cold sore I had developed. We spoke about what I had eaten in the past few days. I mentioned that I ate a hot dog, something I had not eaten in a long time. She suggested she do a NAET test for food additives to see if it was an allergy and it was.

After receiving a NAET treatment, I left the office and while driving home, I noticed a tingling in my lip area. It was quite a noticeable sensation. By the time I got home which was about ½ hour from leaving the office, the swelling of the lip area had gone down quite a bit. By the next morning, it had greatly improved.

– Jeannie K. , Administrative Assistant

First, I was a patient, then I had to include my daughter to take part in N.A.E.T. I feel I have regained my health and taken it to great heights in feeling wonderful again.

– Tais F. + Iris A.


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