Functional Medicine | a brief introduction

Functional Medicine

A holistic approach to health.

Functional medicine is an integrative approach to health that works to identify the underlying or root causes of a disease instead of masking symptoms with medications. Using advanced diagnostic testing with Dunwoody Labs, our doctors will provide a thorough examination of an individual’s lifestyle, diet and genetic makeup. In addition, a BioEnergetics evaluation will be performed to determine energy blockages at any organ system and determine what is necessary to restore balance to the body. This results in a customized plan that includes nutritional protocols, high-grade supplements and wellness recommendations like ergonomics, exercise and stress management.

Our practice identifies and corrects the root cause of many common health concerns:

Acid Reflux

Adrenal Stress

Allergies – food or airborne Anxiety

Autoimmune Disorders

Crohn’s Disease


Hormonal Imbalance

Hypothyroidism /Hyperthyroidism

Infertility Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Inflammatory Arthritis

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

Supplements + Vitamins

Nutrients to remedy deficiencies in a person’s diet.

We strongly believe in utilizing only the top of the line nutraceutical lines that are not available over-the-counter. The products include whole food supplements that are best absorbed and utilized within the body as well as homeopathic remedies that can complement the herbal formulations or stand alone for pediatric and maternity care where herbs may be contraindicated.

The nutraceutical lines offered at Hoboken Family Chiropractic + Wellness include:

Xymogen / Wholescripts


Klaire Labs * call for authorization code

Energetix * call for authorization code


Beauty Counter

supplements | nice things people say about us

I had suffered from migraines for 9 years and was ready to try anything to I I feel healthier
now than I have
in years.
stop them… I had a stomach bleed and stomach ulcer that resulted from taking too much over-the-counter drugs. I started seeing Dr. Brayton and have now gone two months with no headaches and my ulcer has completely healed. I feel healthier now than I have in years.

– Jacqui Gray

supplements | Homeopathy

Homeopathy look at restoring natural health and vitality

All of our homeopathic remedies are complex formulas with spagyrically processed ingredients. Each homeopathic includes polychrests, low potency spagyrically processed herbs, sarcodes, and nutrition (vitamins, minerals and enzymes). To ensure a potent, consistent and high-quality remedy, each bottle is handmade and hand-succussed.

Because of their complex nature, our formulas also include drainage properties to ensure gentle and effective healing as well as homochords that activate various levels of tissue within the body. Homeopathy can target any issue, from genetic to acute, opening the way to restored health and vitality. Our homeopathics are safe for babies, animals, plants, and the elderly.

Energetix supplements and nutrition

supplements | energetix


BioEnergetic Remedies for a Better You and a Better World

Energetix products are “BioEnergetic”, which means that our products are full of life (bio) and energy (energetic)! Each product is energetically activated with enzymes, biophotons, and homochords, which target every aspect of the body from the atomic particles to the organ systems.

With today’s complex health concerns (elevated stress levels, changes in food sourcing, and environmental toxins) patients and practitioners alike are seeking unique and effective solutions.

All of our formulas are “systemic,” and support the entire body. Each product is designed to combine and complement each other as well as other therapies and product lines. The benefit is a streamlined, concentrated product line that’s easy to learn and implement for the patient and for the practitioner. Whether your goal is to alleviate symptoms or move your patients through a healing process to the ultimate maintenance program, Energetix is for you.

Ask Dr. Brayton if Energetix is right for you.

supplements | STANDARD PROCESS


From seed to supplement®

Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition.

Two of our fundamental products for ligament and muscle support are Ligaplex I and Ligaplex II.

Ask Dr. Brayton if Standard Process is right for you.

supplements | xymogen


Xymogen Exclusive Professional Formulas has over a quarter century of experience in providing quality professional supplements to healthcare practitioners.

Ask Dr. Brayton if Xymogen can help you.

Mighty Maca width=

supplements | Mighty Maca

Mighty Maca

On one of my Well Adjusted Mama podcast interviews, Dr. Anna Cabeca introduced me to a new product that she personally created in order to help balance hormones, provide nutritional support, boost energy, and gently provide detoxification support. She shipped me a canister of the product and I have been using it almost daily in lieu of a cup of coffee for the past two weeks. If you thought I was high-energy before, you should see me now! 🙂 To learn more about this amazing superfoods powder that easily mixes in water and tastes excellent, go here.


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Dr. Brayton's philosophy on health emphasizes prevention and wellness. A specialist in pediatrics and maternity, she is passionate about helping her patients live happier lives.

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