Dr. Laura Brayton | Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Healthy Parenting to Raise Emotionally-Resilient Children with Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Dr. Sandy Gluckman describes her quest as saving the next generation from a growing explosion of learning, behavior and mood problems. Her work is rooted in the science that shows that children will thrive when parents thrive. Dr. Sandy empowers parents to raise healthy, resilient, confident children primed for success, by showing them how to

Dr. Laura Brayton | Donna Papania

Ayurvedic Yoga for Birth Process Support with Donna Papania

Donna Papania is a nationally renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Educator and Yoga Instructor of 20 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition, Bachelor’s degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science, is a certified e-RYT 500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and is a certified Reiki Master and Ayurvedic Energy Point Therapist. Donna spent 10 years in the desert

Dr. Laura Brayton | Dr. Phyllis Books

Understanding Your Child’s Brain with Dr. Phyllis Books

Dr. Books is a wise elder, having been a chiropractor and teacher for 40 years now. She has helped thousands of kids who suffer with dyslexia, ADHD, neurosensory processing disorders, and other learning and behavior issues. She is all about empowering moms to get to the root cause of their child’s learning and behavior issues

Dr. Laura Brayton | Leah Crescenzo

Upgrading Your Inner Child with Leah Crescenzo

Leah Crescenzo believes the places in life that are causing you the most difficulty are places of hidden treasure and freedom. She believes your issues can be used to bring you closer to your truest self – your happiest, most fulfilled, and totally free self. As a hypnotherapist and transformational coach, she works with individuals

Dr. Laura Brayton | Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD

Pediatric Sleep Apnea with Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD

Meghna Dassani DMD is passionate about helping patients with sleep disordered breathing get the treatment they need to live healthier, happier lives. Throughout Dr. Dassani’s career, she has gained invaluable insight into what it takes to implement those services into the practice and currently shares her knowledge and experience in her role as a speaker.

Dr. Laura Brayton | Pritam Atma

Mystical Motherhood with Pritam Atma

Pritam Atma is a Nurse Practitioner, healer, mother and author. She wrote her second book Fertile as part of a series and follow-up to her first book Mystical Motherhood: Create a Happy and Conscious Family a Guidebook for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond. She is deeply connected to bringing conscious children into this world. She

Dr. Laura Brayton | Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh

Integrative Medicine for Children with Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh

Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh is a board-certified Pediatrician in Los Angeles, California who specializes in Integrative Medicine. He grew up in Toronto, Canada and completed a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology and Community Health before earning his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson Medical College. He completed his Pediatric Residency at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA)

Dr. Laura Brayton | Laquita Brooks

Building a Tribe with Laquita Brooks

Laquita Brooks is a successful serial entrepreneur owning multiple Hair Salons over 24 years – and for more than 16 years, she has been a Realtor and Real Estate Investor. Along with her husband, she owned and operated a package and delivery company with nearly 2 dozen employees. Her extensive business experience and knowledge, combined

Dr. Laura Brayton | Muse Lokajickova

Medicine of the Feminine with Muse Lokajickova, L.Ac.

Muse Lokajickova, L.Ac. practices revolutionary care for the generative systems. Muse has 15 years of hands-on practice weaving tools from western herbalism, indigenous medicine, and classical Chinese medicine. Her practice is built on her unique methods of uterine repositioning, internal pelvic floor manual therapy and holistic gynecological care that follows the guiding force of the

Dr. Laura Brayton | Dr. Randi Jaffe

Spinning Babies with Dr. Randi Jaffe

Dr. Randi Jaffe has been practicing chiropractic for over 23 years. After treating her first pregnant patient early in her career, she discovered her passion for helping women feel more supported both physically and emotionally during their pregnancies, labors and the postpartum period. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National University of