pediatric | a brief introduction

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care specializing in infants, children, and adolescents

Dr. Brayton has been a patient of chiropractic since she was six months old and has experienced first-hand how it can help foster a healthy growing body. As a child’s nervous system is developing, proper adjustments can promote strong physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This is ideal for dealing with colic, ear infections, and torticollis. Dr. Brayton also performs cranial work to address plagiocephaly and other cranial alignment issues.

Pediatric chiropractic care can help with:

  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Ease colic or acid reflux symptoms
  • Ease sinus, allergy, throat and/or ear issues
  • Improve latching
  • Improve developmental milestones
  • Ease bedwetting
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and autism spectrum disorders
  • Headaches and post concussion symptoms
  • Scoliosis

pediatric | nice things people say about us

It’s hard to put into words just how much Dr. Brayton has helped my 5 year old son Ryan. Ryan’s pediatrician referred us to Dr. Brayton because he was having trouble with his fine motor skills and had a previous diagnosis of Torticollis- he couldn’t hold a crayon correctly and couldn’t use scissors
at all.

“She fixed more than the problem we were referred to Hoboken Chiropractic and Wellness for.”Ryan was getting very frustrated, upset, and self-conscious because of this and began to dread school. After just three sessions with Dr. Brayton, he could hold a crayon correctly, hold it steady, and color a picture staying in the lines. Ryan could also hold and use scissors for the first time and was so excited when he made a kite at school. As we continued with the sessions, Ryan began noticing other improvements: he could run faster and open doors he couldn’t before… Ryan also has a stomach reflux which causes him to be a finicky eater and never finish meals. Now he actually eats a whole meal and asks to try new foods all the time.

Dr. Brayton was patient, asked all the right questions, and listened to me and Ryan. She’s the first doctor Ryan isn’t afraid to visit. She fixed more than the problem we were referred to Hoboken Chiropractic and Wellness for. We can’t thank Dr. Brayton enough for all she has accomplished.

– Jennifer C. (Ryan’s Mother)

I cannot say enough amazing things about this practice or Dr Alvarez. Our youngest daughter started having leg cramps at 12 months old. Her gait was awkward and her leg swung out noticeably as we got to 18 months old. After specialists, neurologists, PTs, Xrays and more, I decided to try chiropractic care as something to try while we waited for a diagnosis. I was nervous because while I have been to the chiropractor I didn’t know what to expect with a baby. After a couple of sessions her cramps became fewer and further between. After a couple of months, her walking normalized. We began hitting milestones and were just discharged from early intervention. Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness changed our lives.

My older daughter goes there. I go there. My husband goes there. Everyone loves Dr Alvarez – and Bryn. The girls (who are now two and four) run and jump on the table and argue over who gets to go first. They are always so excited to see Dr. Alvarez. She is kind and amazing and – oh – a miracle worker. She fixed the chronic back pain I have had since my second pregnancy. I had been everywhere and she was the only thing that worked. I cannot rate this practice highly enough. Dr Alvarez (and Bryn!!) helped my whole family. Thank you guys!!!

– Nicole D.

I had been seeing Dr. Brayton through my first pregnancy and when she mentioned I should bring the baby in once she was born I was a little taken aback. I didn’t realize that babies needed to or could get adjusted! After doing some research I decided that I would bring my daughter to Dr. Brayton. As a new mom, it couldn’t have been a smarter decision. I was nervous, scared and felt very alone while immediately facing some breastfeeding issues with my daughter. With her first adjustment at less than 7 days old, I saw an immediate change in my daughters latch.

Dr. Brayton also was able to recommend different local resources for different procedures and for an LLBC. My daughter continued to see Dr. Brayton through her early months as she got a frenectomy to maximize the benefits of the procedure and again we would see results each time. A more open mouth, a deep, more proper latch and I would feel instant relief, both physically and emotionally. The experience my first daughter and I had with Dr. Brayton made it a no brainer for me to immediately take my second daughter when she was born. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Brayton for your newborn to relieve any breastfeeding or eating issues!

– Martha K.


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Dr. Brayton's philosophy on health emphasizes prevention and wellness. A specialist in pediatrics and maternity, she is passionate about helping her patients live happier lives.

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