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Pinched NerveThe symptoms of numbness and tingling almost always indicate a pinched nerve of some sort. The two questions to ask are: which nerve and where is the entrapment?

Considering the below items will help you accurately describe your symptoms to your doctor or chiropractor.

– Be aware of exactly where you’re feeling the symptoms.  Is it in your hand only, or does it extend into your neck, arm, or forearm?

– Be specific.  If the pain is in your hand, which fingers are being affected?  Is it all five or just one or two?

– Note the frequency and intensity of the symptoms.

– If possible, pinpoint what triggers or brings on the pain, and how long it lasts.

There are many diagnoses that need to be ruled out to determine the exact cause of your symptoms and certain diagnostic testing, such as a cervical MRI, needle-EMG testing, or nerve conduction velocity testing, may be necessary to exactly pinpoint the problem.

If you are noticing muscle weakness in your right hand, address this condition quickly — the longer your nerve or nerves continue to be pinched, the more permanent the injury!