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Muscle Treatment

Soft tissue muscle treatments for athletes and repetitive stress injuries

The Graston Technique and Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM) is a soft tissue muscle treatment that speeds up the healing process and is a better alternative to deep tissue massage. By using a custom tool and specific techniques, this treats the underlying scar tissue to promote more universal healing and proper growth. This is ideal for anyone with repetitive stress injuries like athletes, runners, weight trainers and those with muscle weakness due to continuous movement like hairdressers, typists, mechanics, or plumbers.

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In high school, I dislocated my shoulder playing sports and never rehabbed I felt instant relief as she broke up a decade worth of scar tissue… it correctly. Dr. Brayton introduced me to SASTM. I felt instant relief as she broke up a decade worth of scar tissue in my shoulder. After a few sessions, my body was better than it has ever been. Thanks Dr. Brayton.

– Chris R.

Dr. Brayton and Dr. Alvarez are my go-to docs! I have a very physically demanding career and I get adjusted regularly to keep myself in top athletic shape. I love coming to Hoboken Family Chiropractic + Wellness because the doctors are extremely thorough and put a large emphasis on education and prevention, which has been crucial for the everyday wear and tear my body goes through. I recently had ACL knee surgery and with the integrative care of adjustments, supplements, ultrasound, and Graston my recovery has been faster compared to my previous ACL surgeries. I’m thrilled with my progress and way ahead of schedule due to their care!

– Kyle M. Division I College Wrestling Coach



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Dr. Brayton's philosophy on health emphasizes prevention and wellness. A specialist in pediatrics and maternity, she is passionate about helping her patients live happier lives.

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