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Candida InfectionDo you suffer from the following?

  • Low energy levels
  • Difficulty dealing with stress at work
  • Frequently feeling bloated after eating most meals
  • Constant sugar cravings
  • Belly fat that is not responding to any work out

These are all extremely common symptoms of Candida, especially if you are living in a high-stress area, yet unfortunately, tend to be misdiagnosed frequently.

Candida overgrowth in the body, especially the intestinal tract, can cause a myriad of health symptoms including headaches, skin disorders, mood imbalance, fatigue, and of course, GI disturbances. Excessive candida can develop in our bodies when we are under chronic stress, taking antibiotics, synthetic hormones like birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy, or as a result of a poor diet.

Once the healthy flora in our intestinal tract is thrown out of balance, we are susceptible to developing candida and/or parasite infections. At this point, it is important to do a thorough, doctor-supervised candida cleanse and follow a strict candida diet that avoids sugar and fermented foods.

After cleaning out the intestinal tract of unwanted foreign organisms, then it is crucial to reinoculate your intestinal tract with the good flora of probiotics (acidophilus/bifidus). They are the healthy bacteria that your large and small intestines need to properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.

I assisted many  patients in diagnosing and successfully treating candida overgrowths.

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