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The holiday season is officially upon us!  Sometimes it seems unavoidable, but here are a few simple tips to help you avoid overeating at all of the joyous celebrations you’ll be attending.

Avoid Overeating Aroung the HolidaysAvoid skipping meals. “Saving up” all of your calories for one meal can leave you feeling crabby and bring on a headache.  Plus, feeling especially hungry when you walk into party can lead to making poor food choices. Even if your headed to a big meal, pace your earlier meals steadily throughout the day.

 – Eat high fiber foods before the party. Foods high in fiber will help you feel fuller longer. Check out this list of high fiber food choices.

 – Don’t deprive yourself. Eat small amounts of the foods you love. As our friend Laura Lacey, LMT, CNC, says, “stick to the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20%.”

 – Keep healthy snacks at your desk at work. It will be much easier to eat those gingerbread cookies in moderation if you have alternative treats on hand!

 – Pace yourself. It takes a few minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full. Slow down and chew each bite thoroughly, enjoying the flavor of each mouthful. Give yourself 20 minutes before going for seconds.

 – Eat your calories (instead of drinking them). Be aware that some of our favorites festive beverages such as hot chocolate and eggnog can have hundreds of calories. For an alternative option, try water with lemon or flavored coconut water.

 – Hydrate! One of the most important things you can do to prevent yourself from overeating is to hydrate throughout the day. Drinking water, not only helps you feel more full, but also helps to flush out toxins.

 – Bring a “safety” dish. Will be times where there are no healthy dishes for you to fill up on once you arrive at your shindig. Check out these mouthwatering options and bring one with you!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful, safe holiday season!