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Be a Thanksgiving Superhero!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Thanksgiving SuperHero

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, its “go” time.

Maybe your daughter just called on her way home from Berkeley College to let you know she’s newly vegetarian. No problem – you’re armed with a scrumptious quinoa mushroom pilaf that everyone will love. (Quinoa, by the way, is a complete protein!).

Thanksgiving SuperHeroMaybe your son has a gluten intolerance? Or, your sister called to ask if her boyfriend du jour can join the festivities and surprise!…he can’t have dairy. You’ve got it covered with your gluten and dairy free shepherd’s pie recipe!

And, to accommodate everyone all at once – my personal favorite, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free delectable mini pumpkin pie tarts.

 Check out our go-to websites

We’ve found that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy yummy, sweet flavors without turning to white sugar, gluten, dairy or other allergens. We compiled a list of healthy resources that will have even your cantankerous uncle coming back for seconds.

Gluten-free sites:Thanksgiving SuperHero Elana’s Pantry & Gluten Free Goddess

Grain, sugar & lactose-free recipes: Against All Grain

Dairy-free: Go Dairy Free

Is there a better gift to your family than using recipes with delicious and healthy whole foods?


Super Nutrition for Babies

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Autism, obesity, juvenile diabetes, and allergies in children are on the rise. The statistics are staggering:

1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys are affected by Autism,Super Nutrition for Babies

33% of all children are obese or overweight,

23% of children are either diabetic or pre-diabetic,

58% of children have some form of allergic condition


Why are these frightening trends escalating? What can parents do about this?


The answer may be simpler than we think. Click here to listen to a replay of this Free Webinar presented by Katherine Erlich, co-author of Super Nutrition for Babies.